Alan's Legacy was founded after the passing of a remarkable and inspirational 26-year old, Alan Bell. At the age of 3, Alan was first diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, Wilm's Tumor, and given little hope to survive. But, despite the doctors' prognosis, he did survive and went on to live the next two decades with an unparalleled passion for life and compassion for people.

During his life, Alan demonstrated a dedication to and drive for excellence, not only academically and professionally, but more importantly, personally. His "Philosophy of Life," so insightfully and precisely articulated at the age of 11, was to "leave the world a better place than you found it." With his warmth, generosity, wisdom and humor, he continually sought opportunities to help people, whether on an individual basis or as part of his community, schools, or work, and never stalled in his commitment to help people make a difference.

Update: Great news! We have a new way for you to support Alan's Legacy! Click on the banner below to shop at It will cost you absolutely nothing extra, and Alan's Legacy will get a small percentage of your order. We're hoping that with all of our combined shopping efforts, those small amounts will add up, and we'll be able to put them towards the rooftop garden at CHOP in Alan's honor. Thanks so much!

Alan's Legacy